End your long day on the road by relaxing and catching up on your favorite programming.

We proudly carry the Winegard line of trucking satellite systems.  Watch Bell while in Canada or Dish Network or DirecTV while in the United States.  With different tracking options and mounting configurations, you can bring you favorite shows, movies and sporting events on the road with you.  Easy to switch between service providers, 100% automatic, and simple setup and operation.

The G2+ will allow you to watch TV while parked for single drivers.

The Durasat D4 will track while in motion.  Great for team drivers or for recording your programs while driving to watch later.

We can offer a range of mounting solutions as well, both permanently bolted or temporary and non evasive.  Mount the dish to your roof, back of the cab, or just hang from the window once parked.

These systems are built tough for life on the road, engineered to survive more than 960,000 commercial trucking kms!

All of our installations are neat, clean, and backed by a multi year warranty.

*- satellite footprints and coverage are subect to broadcasters changes and regulations.  Coverage is subject to change without notice.

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