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now carrying starlink roam for rvs!

The Starlink RV high performance system keeps you connected all the time, even while traveling.  This gives you high priority on the network and will allow you to stream live TV, access Netflix and other streaming platforms, make VOIP phone calls and full internet access!

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Attention Winegard owners with a Shaw Direct system:

Shaw Direct has officially stopped broadcasting from satellite 111 as of February 25, 2024.  This may affect the ability for your Winegard Trav’ler for Shaw to properly find the signal.  

To correct this, you will need to change the search mode from “Mulit-sat” to “Manual 107”  These instructions are in your owners manual or click “Sat 107” below if you have a SK-7003 system.

If you have an SK2SHAWPRO system, you will need to download the RV Halo app from your app store to access the settings.

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Do you love your RV?
Do you spend a lot of time on the road behind the wheel as a truck driver?

Do you love the connectivity you have at home?

Mobile Satellite and Internet installations and service.

Don’t hit the road without your TV, internet or the assurance of being able to call home.  We can provide you with RV satellite TV, WiFi systems, and cell boosters to keep some of the comforts of home while enjoying your RV or on the road.

We are the Edmonton area’s leading choice for RV and trucking telecommunication systems, and have been serving the community for more than 15 years.

Take your satellite TV on vacation with our line of automatic satellite TV systems compatible with Shaw Direct, Bell TV or Dish Network.  They are all High Definition ready, easy to use and fully automatic.

Stay connected to the internet almost everywhere you go.  Whether you want to stream your favorite programs, just want to keep in touch via social media or even check your email while overseas, we have a mobile WiFi solution for you!

Keep the peace of mind of being able to call home, friends or for help even if you’re off the beaten track.  With a cellular booster made for vehicles, we can help keep you in touch.

Mobile Satellite, Cellular Booster and Internet installations and service.

Service and Repair

We can diagnose and repair most systems on the market.

Count on the reputation and the service trusted by the majority of Edmonton area RV dealers for more than 15 years.

Antenna Wizard is very grateful for those who protect us and therefore offers First responders, Military, and Veterans discount.

**-valid Canadian ID required., only applicable for installations not charged through dealers. Some limitations apply.


Custom, on location installations, backed by a multi year, manufacturers warranty. Our installs are clean, neat and also backed by a multi year guarantee.*

*_with regular routine maintenance.

Antenna Wizard


Automatic Satellite TV systems, Mobile WiFi systems, Cellular Boosters.

Please contact us for pricing or to book your custom installation.

We are now offering Starlink Roaming systems.  

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