Mobile and RV WiFi

Stay connected to the internet wherever you travel. 

We offer different options to have high speed internet anywhere you want to go.  Want to make video calls from the passenger seat? Play online games on a rainy camping day? Keep in touch with the office from a remote location? Even stay connected overseas!

Depending on what you need to do online, we can help.  We offer systems that can be moved from the RV to the cabin to the home to the winter condo down south or fixed to your RV.

Forget about the slow RV park Wi-Fi with way too many people logged in, and save your phone’s battery and yourself from spiking cell phone bills for over usage or roaming charges.

Click on a product below for more information.

No data fees

For free WiFi almost anywhere you go, we offer the Rogue Wave WiFi boosting antenna by Wave Wifi.

World-wide coverage

For super fast, portable WiFi in more than 130 countries, we offer the Skyroam Solis.

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