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Mobile Satellite and Internet

Do you love your satellite TV and WiFi? Do you love your RV?

Combine them all on the road with our top of the line automatic and mobile satellite systems and WiFi systems.
With a simple push of a button, you can watch the same TV programs that you enjoy at home.
Forget about the hassle of aiming a satellite dish by hand.
Our systems give you the freedom to both travel and take some of the comforts of home with you.
Imagine stress-free, high definition programming on your next rainy day camping or while snowbirding in the desert during our harsh winter months. Whether you want to watch your favourite shows, stay up to date with your local news, or cheer on your beloved hockey team, we’ve got you covered! We are the Edmonton area’s leading choice for automatic satellite TV systems.

Our WiFi range extending antennas will allow you to pick up on free WiFi hot-spots from up to 10 km away! Jump over the queue of slow campground WiFi, and tap into a nearby business or hotspot.
We offer competitive pricing, on site installations, and the best service and support in Alberta.



Automatic satellite TV systems
Mobile Internet


Service and Installations

Our professional installations are neat, clean, and backed by multi year warranty.



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