Attention all owners of Shaw Direct automatic satellite systems:

To all Winegard owners with a Shaw Direct satellite system:

Shaw Direct has recently implemented the third and final phase of its transition plan from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 satellite encoding.
This change will bring many exciting new features to Shaw Direct customers, including expanded high definition (HD) programming options,
enhanced programming guide functionality, and additional receiver features.
While Winegard strives to build products with longevity in mind, this change will cause any Shaw TRAV’LER (model SK-7002 or SK-7003)
system built prior to November 1, 2017 to lose ability to properly identify and lock to Shaw Direct orbital satellites, rendering the antenna non-operable.
Winegard has developed an upgrade kit that can be utilized to retrofit affected TRAV’LER systems.
The kit includes the following:
A new IDU (interface control box)
ODU (under turret electronics assembly)
Specialized tool to remove and reinstall ODU
ODU mounting screws

SK-7002 systems will also require an XKu LNB upgrade.

There are multiple ways to determine the manufacture date of a Shaw TRAV’LER system:
Locate the IDU serial number on the bottom of the IDU control box and contact Winegard technical services at 800-788-4417 .
Note: If either the TRAV’LER turret or IDU has been replaced at any point, this number may not be accurate
Locate the turret serial number by on the existing TRAV’LERs electronics module.
This is accessible by removing the existing turret from the transition plate and flipping the turret over.
The serial number is located on a sticker on the electronics module with at black arrow pointing at it. See the second page of this document for an example photo.
Locate the serial number on the front of the TRAV’LER informational packet, if available
Winegard uses a standard numbering format with an embedded date code for all product serialization. Each serial contains the product model number followed by a tilde (~) and 16-digit serial number.
The first six digits indicate the manufacture date in MMDDYY format (ie: 110117 would represent November 1, 2017).

Additionally, updated Shaw receivers may be required for post-transition functionality. These receivers include the following Shaw models:
Essential HD Receiver (HDDSR 600, HDDSR 800)
Advanced HD Receiver (HDDSR 605)
Advanced HDPVR (HDPVR 630, HDPVR 830)

To order your upgrade kit, please call 780-414-2800 today.  We are now fully stocked!


To all owners of Explorer Satellite Systems (ESSi):

As a result of Shaw Direct upgrading their network, the majority of the Explorer systems no longer has the ability to lock onto the  proper satellites.  Unfortunately,  the only solution to still have an automatic satellite is to replace the system completely.

Please call 780-414-2800 for more information.

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