Pick up WifI signals almost anywhere you go.

The Rogue Wave by Wave WiFi is an ultra-small, compact WiFi booster that will extend the range of any wireless network up to 10 KMs, that means that you can tap into any WiFi signal within its range.

This antenna will allow you to use any number of nearby networks for all of your internet needs.  Jump over the lagging park WiFi and link up with one from another local business with less users.  Less traffic means faster speeds.

No monthly fees or data packages to worry about.  Works anywhere; Canada, US, Mexico and World Wide! On land or off shore.

Connect directly to your computer or to multiple devices with the supplied WiFi router.

The ultra-small size of the Rogue Wave perfect for wireless Internet access on an RV, big rig or boat.  Great for mobile offices too.

All of our professional installations are neat, clean, and backed by multi year warranty.

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