We are the Edmonton area’s leading choice for automatic satellite TV systems, and Canada’s largest volume Explorer dealer for the 3rd year in a row.

We carry systems for either Shaw Direct (formally known as Starchoice) or Bell TV/ Telus Satellite TV. All Shaw Direct systems are High Definition (HD) ready and Bell/Telus are available in either HD or Standard Definition.

The choice of which satellite system/ provider that will work best for you in your RV can be made simply by answering the following questions:

Q1: I spend much of the year in the United States and even Mexico. Which system is better?

A1: Only Shaw Direct has coverage outside of Canada. The combination of the broad footprint and the large, full size dish results in strong signal strength as far south as Mazatlan, Mexico.

Bell / Telus Satellite TV’s signal strength begins to drop rapidly as you enter the US and stops completely approximately 400 KMs south of the border.

Q2: I hear Shaw Direct won’t work in the US anymore. Is this true?

A2: Shaw Direct has recently changed their policies in regards to coverage outside of Canada.

Shaw now broadcasts off of three satellites. The third one started broadcasting in April, 2013. This new satellite only covers Canada, but the original two will continue to have the same footprint as before. Most non-HD channels and older HD channels will be unaffected outside of Canada. However, Shaw Direct may move channels without notice.

Q3: I only use my RV up to 6 months in a year. Do I need to pay my satellite subscription for the entire year?

A3: Absolutely not! Your programming provider will allow you to disconnect your services when not in use (some restrictions apply). If you already subscribe to satellite for your home, you may either bring your receiver from home into your RV or add another receiver to your account for a minimal monthly fee.

Q4: What are the advantages & disadvantages between a tripod or temporary mounted dish and a fixed dish on my RV?

A4: There is one advantage to staying with a temporary mounted system: the dish can be positioned away from trees or other obstructions even if the RV is surrounded. The disadvantages include having to store the mount and dish, having to aim the dish every time you move, and it is subject to vandalism.

Q5: Are dome systems compatible with Shaw Direct, formally known as Starchoice, signals?

A5: No, there are no domes that can work for Shaw Direct. To receive Shaw Direct signals with an automatic system, it is necessary to use a full size, fold up dish.

Q6: Do you currently have satellite TV at home?

A6: If yes, we have automatic satellite systems for either Canadian provider. So, for example, if you have a Shaw direct system at home, it makes sense to have the same provider in your RV. Now you can simply take a receiver from the house with you when you travel or add a dedicated receiver to the RV. This way, you do not have to pay for two accounts just to have your TV on vacation. With both companies, you can have up to six (6) receivers per account. Please check with your service provider first for restrictions.

Q7: Why should I buy an Explorer system over the other options on the market, like the Winegard or RF Mogul?

A7: The Explorer system is made in Canada, for Canadian conditions. It is the strongest and most system durable available today. It has the only base to have built in adjustments for sloped roof installations, without having to purchase after-market pieces that require more screw holes in the roof. There are also no moving parts that contact the roof surface once installed. The GPS antenna is integrated into the mount to protect it from the elements.

The Explorer system is also a fully serviceable unit. Almost all parts of the roof mounted dish can be repaired, tuned or replaced, if needed, on site. Other systems are sealed units that may need to be removed and sent to a third party for service, sometimes in the US.


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