Bell TV has coverage thoughout most of Canada*. Keep the same channel lineup wherever you park your RV.

We proudly carry the Winegard Trav’ler RV satellite system for Bell. It is a full sized, roof mounted automatic dish that folds down while you are traveling. Once you arrive to your destination, simply press a button and the dish will pop up, search out the satellite signal and give you brilliant HD TV in a matter of minutes. With the push of the button again, the dish will fold down and you will be ready for travel again.

Whether you want to watch the same channel on all of your TVs, or if you need to watch something different on each TV, we can customize your installation just for you. We can supply all necessary cables and devices for the best picture quality.

The Bell dishes are also Dish Network compatible for use in the US.  Canadian travelers are able to get a pay-as-you-go account and receiver for Dish Network while you are south of the border and use the same dish with a simple reprogram.

All of our professional installations are neat, clean, and backed by multi year warranty.

*- satellite footprints and coverage are subect to broadcasters changes and regulations.  Coverage is subject to change without notice.

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